I know it's been ages since I did a proper update on this page-I have tons of new material to post, but have been too darn busy (and-I might as well admit it-too lazy) to do it. One thing that has been holding me up is that I really want to set it up to be dynamic so that I don't have to create a page for each illustration-this is especially tedious on the Carter page, but was a real pain on Book of Satyrs, as well. Once I have a way to just put up a few links and then put the graphics in, my turnaround time will be much faster, I assure you. Thanks to everyone who still stops by and sends the nice mails about the page-I promise I will reward your loyalty soon!
I recently received two really nice books in the mail-
Anathema of Zos
The Focus of Life
Both are published by
I-H-O Books
Essex House
Both are nicely printed, with good introductions and lots of unpublished illustrations. And the price ain't bad, either. My hat is off to the I-H-O folks for a job well done.
They are also rumored to be in the process of reprinting all of Frederic Carter's works, so keep your eyes peeled for that one-it should be a real treat!

Keep on Dreaming,
12 August, 2001, yera Maximus


updated 5-21-97

NEW!! Two Sketchbooks


Automatic Drawing by Austin Spare and Frederick Carter

Anathema of Zos: The Sermon to the Hypocrites

The Focus of Life with all the original Illustrations!!!

The Book of Satyrs complete!!!

Special thanks to J. Reid's now-defunct Nurse With Wound page for the AOS HTML text
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